At Alchemi, we believe marketing is responsible for leading the conversations between brands and consumers. What does this look like with an exhausted society, who are too busy to connect with one another, and companies pursuing only the bottom-line?

➡️ Disconnected. Underperforming. Expensive.

We’ve created a competitive VIP Day workshop for all business types and team sizes. Because our sessions are custom tailored for your business, there’s no lack of value to behold. Our expert strategists dedicate an entire working day to help you re-align and move forward with a new perspective.

You’ll feel instant relief as we tackle your accounts one-by-one, and provide helpful insight that resonates where you need it most.

Some call it marketing therapy – we call it Alchemi.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your marketing responsibilities, unclear with your strategy, or concerned about how to keep up with the changing marketing landscape – work with us.

We’re here for you, and for the betterment of our overall society. One strategy at a time.

A One-Day Marketing Workshop


Cost: $1200 per person

The primary objective of this course is to introduce attendees to the fundamental concepts, analyses, and operational aspects integral to marketing management. Moreover, it provides a practical framework for evaluating and addressing various marketing challenges. Real-time implementation means you’ll walk away with 90+ days of strategy mapped out, account creation for necessary platforms, and customized insights to your toughest marketing struggles. Topics include marketing strategy, customer behavior, segmentation, customer lifetime value, market research, product lifecycle strategies, pricing, go-to-market strategies, promotion, and marketing ethics.

The foundation VIP Day is a real-time walkthrough of our online DIY Course which will be available for purchase soon.


Cost: $5500 up to 5 people

The objective of this course is to identify areas where advanced marketing strategies are needed, how to analyze data in new ways to help conclude consumer behavior, advanced segmentation techniques, and LIVE implementation that builds upon the instructional portion of the VIP Day session. This course relies on feedback from your expert strategist, insight from breakout activities, and real-time execution across your marketing channels. This is not available for DIY self-paced completion. At the end of this course you will have a revamped advanced 90+ day marketing strategy to reach company goals, updated industry techniques, and strategies implemented in real-time based on your company marketing accounts. Attendees and teams will have expert insights on their account, implementation assistance, and leave the VIP Day session with a detailed execution plan moving forward.


  • Foundation
  • Advanced


6 Hours (lunch included)


  • 3 hours instructional
  • 1 hour lunch break
  • 2 hours implementation


  • Expert Strategist
  • Lunch Stipend
  • Physical Mailed Workbook
  • 30-Day Email Support
  • Consultation Discount
  • Customized Brand Audit

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