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Generalized Marketing
Alchemi Marketing

5 Consumer Psychology Concepts to Ignite Your Holiday Campaigns

In this article, we’re tackling 5 of our most beloved psychological concepts backed by real results across marketing campaigns. We also cover the 1 dreaded tactic that makes our team cringe every time we see it! These psychological theories provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and decision-making processes, helping marketers create more effective advertising campaigns, product positioning, and pricing strategies. By understanding these theories, businesses can better tailor their marketing efforts to align with the psychological motivations and tendencies of their target audience.

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Email Marketing
Alchemi Marketing

Mastering the Art of Email Marketing

When it comes to spilling the beans on advanced email marketing strategy, we have you covered. We’re exposing what it means to have a thriving, optimized email list and showing the inner workings of a well-built email marketing machine.

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