Provide front to back support for lead generation, consumer journey mapping, and retention. This is a crucial service for brands that are growing or need a strong foundation for their marketing initiatives.

On average, brand’s utilizing a combination of social media and email marketing contributed to 55% of small business revenue and growth.

The full-service package is equipped with a team of 5 experts to manage your beginning to end strategies by working in tandem with one another to achieve your most pressing goals.

Meet Your Team:

  • Principal Manager – handles all admin duties, meeting coordination, and overall project management
  • Email, Strategist – handles your email marketing strategy, email curation management, and general marketing strategy
  • Social Media, Strategist – handles all social media outreach, posting, and strategy
  • Design – handles all design elements for social media and email content
  • Copywriter – handles all copywriting tasks for social media and email (blog content management available for an added fee)

Our teams love what they do because we have created a business structure to support optimal work+life balance. This means our experts have more time to respond to company goals with creative innovation.

Most agencies overwork and undervalue their experts. We prioritize taking care of our team so that your growth is top of mind.

We offer tiered packages for this service to fit your company where we’re needed. Our experts are a contracted extension of your in-house team.


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