The Mission

Founded with more than 30 years of combined experience, and a passion for the industry of business and marketing.

Company founders, Ashley & Alicia, put their hearts where their minds are, and revolutionized the way marketing companies serve businesses. Alchemi was founded on the principles that our marketing team needs to be nourished with knowledge, autonomy, and balance. When our team thrives – so does our innovation and creativity.

You’ll be able to feel the difference working with our team as we work to prioritize working harmonyholistic innovation, and mutual respect.

“Many companies are doing well in marketing – and that’s great, but there’s a huge disconnect between marketing companies and human-centric practices in the professional world. Our average marketing professional is burned out, which means they don’t have the mental capacity to thrive creatively for our businesses. We fix this problem – and we have the potential to fix the agency industry as a whole.” – Ashley

We prioritize relational principles to support both clients and expert contractors, bringing a unique approach to the industry of marketing.

Innovating a NEW Angle

Whether serving e-commerce clients, service-based brands, or large corporations, this dynamic pairing is a force to take note of. They are bold, exciting, and passionate – and strive to incorporate core, human values within the foundations of Alchemi.

Ashley (left) has been in marketing for 11 years beginning with an interest in photography and web design. Over the years, and with a brief military contract, Ashley continued to pursue her marketing talents in communication and spent 2 years coaching small business owners going through local incubator cohorts. This ignited a passion for IO Psychology and consumer psychology as Ashley began to notice occupational burnout, and sought intuitive solutions to repair outdated corporate systems. Shortly after her 2 years in business coaching, she sought to develop a SaaS marketplace for freelancers, with a focus on the military community. This platform landed an opportunity as a finalist in a national grant competition with David Meltzer. She then began to pursue marketing psychology again as an expert in automations, workflows, and inbound marketing with a focus on connecting human-to-human. 

Alicia (right) has been in marketing for more than 20 years beginning her journey as a fashion designer and consultant. She spent the early part of her career traveling the world, working with local artisans and inspiring communities of people to live a life of abundance. Alicia is known for speaking at Universities, advocating for inclusivity, and encouraging businesses to think outside-of-the-box when approaching marketing strategy. She has had phenomenal opportunities working with conglomerates like Nordstrom, ESPN, and American Express. Social good is a part of her DNA as a nonprofit founder, and that resonates with her current clients and team as she seeks to bring human-centric elements to her client’s campaigns and initiatives.

IO Psychology + Consumer Psychology

When we boast about our science-based approach, we take this from several aspects of psychology in general. IO psychology allows us to navigate case studies, polling, and peer-reviewed journals about the effects of poor working conditions, particularly in service industries. This led us down a path of brainstorming ways to give our team full-time pay for part-time work, and explore other opportunities to give back.


Because that’s what we want. As moms, business professionals, and for Alicia – a nonprofit founder, there is so much more to our lives than work. We are thrilled meeting new clients and serving in our fullest capacity, while also being mindful that we have to take advantage of our youthfulness and our families – now. We simply want to impact our client’s growth and the marketing industry as a whole, while staying true to our own human needs to live, experience, and love to the fullest.

That means eliminating occupational burnout where possible, creating boundaries for us and our team and working with clients that get it.

Mutual respect is huge for our company. We understand the marketing industry has set unrealistic expectations of what we do – and we’re happy to clear the air.

Consumer psychology uses a combination of observances from various social science fields, but allows us to approach strategy as a consumer first, “expert” last.

  • What do you want to see as a consumer?
  • What compels you to click?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What makes you stop scrolling, double-tap, or purchase?

We remind you what it’s like to be a consumer, and use our years of experience to facilitate a plan that will give your customers the “ahh” factor.

Give us an opportunity to grow your account, teach your team, and set forth a collaborative working experience where your company is more than just another number.