Alchemi Marketing Verified Profile on Inc.

Inc. Verified Company

Alchemi Marketing is proud to be featured as a verified company on Inc.

“Backed by Science, aligned with Humanity. We are a full-service marketing company helping nonprofit organizations, small and medium businesses, and corporations thrive in the digital space.”

Impacting the Industry

As a newly founded brand, co-founders Ashley R. and Alicia S. bring a robust 30+ years of experience when working with their team and clients. Social Impact at the forefront, Alchemi was founded on principles that address industry pain points and celebrate each unique partnership that forms.

Alchemi is a company that cares – featuring expert hubs that work together over long periods of time with brands they truly care about. There has been a distinct priority for engaging purposefully with companies seeking growth.

Great Connections Bring Great Partnerships

As industry professionals for more than a decade each, co-founders Ashley and Alicia also bring forth powerful partnerships made along the way.

“The marketing industry can be small and niche, so forming connections with other experts and celebrating one another are crucial to the industry. I have worked with professionals in various spaces of the marketing world multiple times, and those connections have pushed my career forward in powerful ways.”

Ashley Rodriguez

Attitude of Gratitude

The team at Alchemi Marketing is grateful to be included in the list of verified companies on Inc. and hopes to continue these important professional relationships along the journey. Thank you!

Industry: Advertising and Marketing

Location: Ormond Beach, Florida
Leadership: Ashley Rodriguez (Co-Founded with Alicia Sanchez)
Year Founded: 2023
Company Size: 1-10 employees

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