Frequently Asked Questions for Marketing Companies

Frequently asked questions for marketing companies can vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the businesses seeking their services. However, here are some common questions that are often asked:

Q: What services do you provide?

Because we designed our company to meet the needs of our businesses in a way that’s different than others, we consider our efforts a mixture of “Full-Service,” “E-Commerce,” and “Consulting” While we work with industry professionals to provide add-on services, the three categories mentioned are our main focus to achieve growth for businesses looking to complement their current efforts. Alchemi Marketing is an addition to in-house marketing teams that are stretched beyond capacity and not designed to replace full-time employees for the company.

Q: What industries have you worked with in the past?

Because we work with various industry professionals spanning experiences of more than 30 years combined, we have had the ability to work with brands in every industry. This includes common industries like entertainment, fashion, hospitality, education, wellness, beauty, and all e-commerce companies.

This also includes niche-specific companies like medical, manufacturing, labor and service-based businesses, alternative healing therapies, and the CBD / Marijuana industries. Additionally, we have experts with experience in political campaigns, marketing, and nonprofit organizations requiring unique strategies and techniques.

Q: How do you approach developing a marketing strategy for a new client?

The best way for our team to add value to your company is by gaining insight into campaigns and strategies you have already implemented. This will allow us to innovate new techniques like operating on social media platforms that are up and coming, connecting with local threads and leveraging local connections for in-person services, and optimizing online organic traffic through SEO recommendations where applicable.

For manufacturing companies, this includes sourcing relevant associations to join and engage with, conventions, special events, and more.

We think outside of the box on purpose to explore opportunities to be discovered and reach untapped audiences.

Q: What metrics do you use to measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Paid advertising differs from organic techniques like email marketing and social media outreach. We use a combination of styles ranging from traditional in-person marketing to digital marketing to leverage growth opportunities. We track this performance with performance dashboards like SEMRush, Social Media Analytic Dashboards, Website Traffic Analysis, and Google G4 Analytics. What we use to anaylze data and attribution is no secret – the real power is in the ability to determine what the data tells us about consumer behavior and the economy.

Q: How do you stay updated on the latest marketing trends and strategies?

The marketing industry is fortunate to have mass amounts of coverage and attention in the form of online and in-person conferences. We look forward to these conventions as a way to learn and expand upon our current understandings, and to learn ways technology propel the marketing industry forward with new tools. This also allows us the opportunity to stay current on changes in privacy policies, updates, and more.

Q: What is your pricing structure? Do you charge hourly, per project, or on a retainer basis?

We work with a team of phenomenal contracting professionals who have stepped into another caliber of marketing outside of the traditional corporate structures. That being said we specifically designed our business structure in a way that is unique to the marketing industry, and our service packages are firm to reflect this structure. We do offer custom packages on a case-by-case basis, and unique pricing for nonprofit organizations. Our packages are typically 90 day requirements for the first term, and month-to-month thereafter. Foundation packages are 2 month requirements and will not exceed 2 months. You can find more on our packages by visiting our services page.

Q: How do you communicate and report progress to clients?

We use a consolidated CRM software platform to handle all communications, progress and project tracking, customer service, and more. Paired with in-person/video meetings, this CRM client portal will act as the central location for all documents, correspondence, and tracking. You will receive a unique invitation to create your account once your initial contract has been signed.

Q: How long does it typically take to see results from your marketing efforts?

We require 90 days of services for our team to accurately use data collected when implementing strategies. This allows our team enough data collection to accurately provide recommendations and also allows our clients an opportunity to re-evaluate without the commitment of long-term, binding contracts. That being said, we recommend at least 90 days of execution and monitoring for analyzing growth. For paid advertising, we can see growth in as little as 30 days with specific targeting techniques.

Q: How do you ensure your marketing strategies align with our business goals?

Because our techniques are backed by real data in consumer psychology, we can tap into our innate human nature to structure campaigns and strategies for each business. This is done based on your industry, product/service, and current economic factors that all play a role in how your company may be perceived.

Q: What is your approach to handling marketing trends and technology changes?

We embrace new and emerging technology as tools in the field of marketing, but we are very careful not to promote the replacement of human creativity and innovation. We prioritize this by emphasizing and fostering a working environment that actually promotes free thinking and sparks inspiration. we have designed our entire business model to accentuate the skills of our professionals so they are positioned to help our clients reach goals more efficiently.

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